Nicewood Finnish wholesaler of wood-based panels

Our products are PEFC ™ or FSC ® certified.
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Nicewood Oy – Importer and Wholesaler

Nicewood Oy is a Finnish company that is specialized in efficient supply chain management and purchasing. Our main products are wood-based panels.


Our key suppliers are the industry-leading manufacturers in the world, which assures us to provide high quality products to our customers.


With the help of our efficient partner network, we offer custom-made solutions for our customers for example panel cutting and painting services.



Our main market area is Finland, but we sell our products also to other european countries.

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Nicewood Oy sells PEFC™ and FSC ® certified products. Our Product portfolio includes for example Birch plywood, Spruce plywood, Hardboard, Medium-density fibreboard, chipboard and Laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Nicewood Oy as a Company.

Nicewood Oy is an importer and wholesaler of wood based panels.

The Responsible Purchasing activities and long term customer relationships are extremely important for us. The Warehouses of Nicewood Oy in Virrat (Finland) and Visuvesi (Finland) provides fast and accurate delivery of the products to our customers.

Nicewood Oy takes care of the Environment

CoC certifications of our wood-based panels indicate our commitment to socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests.

Environmental Certifications.

The Sustainable purchasing and long-term customer relationships are extremely important for Nicewood Oy. PEFC and FSC certified products are one example, how Nicewood wants to take care of the sustainability.

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